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never make promises you know you can’t keep

January 15, 2010 Leave a comment

recently I’ve made some embarrassing blunders that have taught me one thing; you must never make promises you know you can’t keep
While this may sound easy and obvious at first glance in real life this precept often proves difficult to follow, at least for me. The reason for that is that people will often talk you into making a promise that you know you’re probably going to fail to deliver on.
I think part of the problem is our fear, or in this case, my fear, of hurting other people’s feelings. This English lesson I’ve been listening to talks about how people should know what they want and avoid being a people pleaser. I find that this often presents a problem for me because I am a people pleaser on the gut level and in my case pleasing other people often means telling them what they want to hear even though I know deep down inside that it ain’t true. If life’s taught me anything this far is that this kind of approach to life can lead to all kinds of embarrassments and even disasters, you may well end up living a lie instead of living a life so pleasing people by telling them what they want to hear is one bad habit I definitely have to break out of if I am to make something of my life.