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These days broadband internet is something that more and more people are taking for granted. The first wave of computerization in companies was about embracing LAN technologies, from peer to peer to client server, well initially it was mainframes and terminals. Now it looks like the next big thing in enterprise resource management is going to be about placing this function in the proverbial ‘cloud’. You no longer need to have a LAN at the office, just broadband internet connectivity on all the computers and/or devices your employees use; and these don’t have to be traditional desktops or laptops, since the whole thing’s in the cloud and you’re accessing it via a web browser, a lowly net book will suffice or even a smart phone.
This approach offers a number of advantages, apart from doing away with the necessity of having a LAN, potentially it also does away with the necessity of having an office. After all if it’s all on line and in the cloud, you just have to make sure your employees have broadband access to the internet, then you just give them the login and password to access your online ERM system and they’re good to go, they can issue invoices, work with customers and what not.
Another advantage of this technology which may be especially appreciated in some countries is that you can store all your information off-shore, i.e. you may be doing business in, say Russia, but physically all your sensitive data will be stored on a server in Germany, which means that the local authorities won’t be able to access them without a ruling by a German court. So they can go and seize all your computers all they want, there will be nothing on them. Pretty neat, isn’t it.
Anyway, some conservative minded people may sill be wary of the technology, after all it means that you’re pretty much at the mercy of your service provider and if its servers shut down your business shuts down and you can’t just chew out the ass of your sysadmin until they get your system up and running again, you’re reduced to having to call your provider’s tech support line and they’ll either put you on hold or transfer your call to some extra-polite help desk professional in India who will simply inform you that everything is being done to bring the system back online and you don’t need to worry.

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