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It looks like everybody has broadband Internet at home these days.

It’s definitely a good thing. However, what I can’t understand in this age of broadband Internent we’re living in today is why so many people still commute to and from the office every day.

I mean, I can understand when it’s some kind of a manufacturing facility where people need to be physically present to oversee the process or even to manually assemble something. There are still plenty of operations like that out there, especially in Russia. But why do office workers still keep sitting in traffic jams every morning and every evening after work? All those sales reps and accountants, why drag them all the way to the office if in today’s connected world they could do their jobs just as well from home or from some cafe that has wi-fi?

The recent leaps and bounds advances in cloud computing mean that these days even the traditional popular ‘tried-and-true’ ERP solutions, like those based on 1C Enterprise are now available in the cloud as a service. You no longer have to buy them, you can pay a monthly subscription fee and have your accountant do everything from home.

The only explanation for this phenomenon I can think of is inertia. People are simply doing what they’ve been doing for years. Technology pulled ahead too fast and most people can’t really appreciate the full potential of cloud computing yet.

In this situation, I think boot-strapped start-ups can really take advantage of cloud computing and achieve savings by dramatically cutting down on office space. Governments are talking about supporting small business by building start-up farms but seriously who needs those farms if you can do everything from home or from wherever you want to be, staying in touch with your colleagues via skype?

People, seriously, the fruit of cloud computing is ripe and hanging really low, all you need to do now is pluck it – ditch that expensive office space, slash your prices and run your competition into the ground, or at least out of their offices. And the best thing about it is that by doing this you’ll also be helping to save the planet because telecomuters don’t drive cars as much.