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Would you rather climb a mountain or run a marathon?

between climbing a mountain and running a marathon I would choose climbing a mountain.

Think about it, running a marathon is dull, you just run on and on, after a while you’re so exhausted you stop noticing what’s happening around you and once you cross the finish line you just drop to the ground half dead. With mountains it’s much more interesting, a mountain is always a challenge, even if it’s a small mountain and yet nobody’s rushing you and you can pace yourself, take your time, camp half way up, take in the scenery, take pictures. Then if it’s a really high mountain you can even get to look down at the clouds or get to see snow in the middle of the summer. In short climbing a mountain, imho, is a far more diverse and rewarding experience than simply running like a stupid machine with an Energizer battery up your butt.

Running is too much like the sort of lives we tend to live today, we’re all already running marathons as it is, getting up in the morning, going to work, working, then coming back home, going through the motions, a huge percentage of what we do every day gets done on autopilot we’re not living anymore we’re just going through the motions and running a marathon is very much about going through the motions of moving your legs and arms and running on along. By contrast to successfully climb a mountain you have to think and plan first and then you’ve got to be switched-on all the way to the summit so you can adjust if things change.

In short, we ought all to stop running marathons and try and climb more mountains instead, both literally and metaphorically

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