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Who knows you better than anyone else?

good question, I would probably say that in my case it’s my mom. She can always see right through me. Although a couple of years ago I was able to surprise her, but not for long. That’s probably part of the reason while I always tend to feel a bit uncomfortable in her company – she knows too much about me.

The reason she knows so much about me is because I lived with my parents for far too long and it’s inevitable that your parents are going to know too much about you after watching you grow up and go through all your trials and tribulations. And in a way it sort of sucks. I guess I’m a secretive kind of person so I don’t particularly like it when people know too much about me. My idea of effective communication is where I only reveal to others as much as I want and not more and I’m always in control.

If somebody knows you too well that also implies they know your vulnerabilities, it kind of puts you at their mercy. I guess it’s ok if it’s your parents because parents normally tend to love their kids but what if somebody else? they can always use that knowledge to manipulate you into doing something you’re later going to regret.

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