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True Blood Season 4 – underwhelming so far

I don’t know whether it’s just me (well actually I do know it’s not just me, there’s at least one other person who thinks the same), but the first three episodes of True Blood Season 4 have been a disappointment. The show seems to have lost its way. They probably should have just based it more closely on the Southern Vampire Mysteries books. Instead they took bits and pieces from several of the books, threw them together and added a fair amount of plot twists of their own design, creating a mix that simply doesn’t make much sense. And it has to be noted here that the books do make sense and are much better written than the show.

Well, the thing is, though that in the first three seasons they kind of managed to get away with this approach, but towards the end of Season 3 they began losing steam and the characters started doing stupid things like killing TV presenters before live cameras or trying to bury each other in concrete and failing. And now as the fourth season started we first met Sookie’s grandfather who was killed instantly, then the witches were shown like a bunch of idiots that don’t really know what they’re doing and so on and so fourth so far the whole thing just isn’t making much sense.

Well, maybe they’ll pick up speed in future episodes but so far it’s not looking good at all.

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