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Vista Sucks – Ubuntu Rules

Towards the end of last week Windows Vista on my laptop just stopped loading. I was still able to load it in safe mode, which allowed me to save information to a portable hard drive but each time I tried to load it normally it would freeze on the start-up screen and then nothing would happen.

It was really frustrating because the particular laptop in question was designed with Vista in mind and it came with Vista Home Basic pre-installed on it. Vista still sucked big time. Like when I wanted to listen to an audio file in Windows media it would take forever to load. iTunes would sometimes stop loading for no apparent reason. It would be showing in the processes in the task manager but there would be no window so I had to reinstall it practically every week.  The laptop is old and there is something wrong with the hardware which manifests in that when you press it too hard on one particular corner (and I sometimes forget about this vulnerability) it just reboots. Now with Vista a reboot is suckage major as it takes forever to boot on this laptop. Like maybe five or seven minutes.

Anyone to cut a long story short, I made two decisions. One is to buy a new laptop so I’m looking and waiting for cash and the second was to install Ubuntu on the old laptop. The first decision, like I said, I haven’t gone through with yet, but the second one was a breeze to implement – I simply had my partner download the Ubuntu CD image on our other laptop and burn it onto a DVDR and then stuck it into my old laptop and installed Ubuntu. As has always been my experience with Ubuntu, the installation went without a hitch and was over and done with in probably half the time it would have taken me to install Widnows.

Another nice thing about Ubuntu is that you don’t have to search for any drivers, it searches for them for you in its online repositories, downloads and installs them. I didn’t particularly like the new Unity desktop. It’s interesting and pleasing on the eye but not very practical for my purposes so I switched back to the tried and true gnome and I’ve been a much calmer and confident man ever since. The hardware glitch is still there so I still sometimes accidentally force an unexpected reboot on the poor old thing but Ubuntu takes less than a minute to load. I no longer have to reinstall iTunes I use Rythmbox for podcasts and so far it’s been much better than iTunes on Windows at ‘just working’ and just getting the job done, without getting in the way. And I don’t even want to go comparing Windows Media Player with the sound playing software available in Ubuntu. Once again, I just double click an audio file and a second or two later it’s playing in my headphones.

Once again the rhetorical question – how come an operating system that retails at 100 bucks totally sucks ass next to an operating system that you can download totally free off the Internet?

And another rhetorical question is – are people really that stupid that so many of them are still using windows, when there are not just cheaper but free and far better alternatives?

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