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Windows sucks

Over the past few months I’ve had to work on Windows Vista and my verdict, sadly, is that it sucks. The other day it occurred to me that if the events depicted in the Terminator movies were true, then perhaps the worst kind of punishment that a cyborg could be sentenced to would be to install Windows Vista on it, thereby turning it from an unstoppable killing machine into a pathetic mechanical clown.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, there’s no truth on earth but there’s no truth above either. The other week my boss was cleaning up his macbook before giving it away to his daughter. He deleted all his ‘personal’ files and then accidentally dragged and dropped the Safari icon from the desk top into the trash can and naturally immediately after that he proceeded to empty the trash can. What happened next was puzzling to say the least, once the Safari alias had been deleted, Safari stopped working. The guy had to download an update from the iTunes store. However, after the updated had installed, for some reason, instead of changing the properties of the existing alias in the dashboard, it simply added another Safari icon to the dashboard, thus he ended up with two Safari icons on the dashboard, naturally he then proceeded to click on the old icon and Safari wouldn’t start again. Not that he tried real hard to figure this whole thing out on his own, he just brought his wretched macbook to me and asked me to fix it. So after I noticed there were two Safari icons on the dashboard I simply deleted the icon that didn’t work. Still, the whole processes that I had to follow to fix this problem struck me as a bit counter intuitive, to say the least, what the heck.

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