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the google swindle

A friend of mine recently had her google adSense account canceled. ┬áIt wasn’t really that big of a deal as she only had 70 bucks in there. It’s just that it came as a bit of a shock; she just has a couple of very low-key websites with 50-100 visitors per day and put up some google adsense ads on those, not really expecting to make a fortune off of them but just to see how it all works and then all of a sudden, totally out of the blue, she gets a message from google, telling her how she’d been cheating and clicking on her own adsence ads and what not, they practically accused her of being the devil incarnate, and informing her that her account had been canceled.

Naturally she wrote them an appeal, which, also, naturally had no effect. And then, again naturally, out of curiosity she went online and searched for info about people having their adsense accounts canceled by google – turns out it’s quite a common occurrence. There’s no real statistics, but quite a few people claim that account cancellations usually happen when you earn close to 100 bucks, that is the minimum amount that google allows you to have transferred from your google adsence account into your bank account. So you sign up for adsence, you put google ads on your website (or several websites) and then as soon as you’ve earned about 100 bucks google just go and cancel your account, accusing you of having violated their rules and policies. Now let me ask you is this some kind of a con or what?

There a story on the Internet (again, it’s no more than heresay) about a guy who had several sites on which he managed to make about 6000 dollars through adSense and then he ran into some financial difficulties and was forced to sell all of his websites. All the while he just kept his adSense money in his adSense account. Now having run through the cash he got from selling his websites he was fixing to transfer his google money into his bank account when bam, out of the blue there arrives a message from goole into his email box, informing him that his adSense account had been canceled because of violations, his ‘hard-earned’ 6K is gone. The guy has a heart attack and has to be treated in hospital.

Well, truth be told that at least in the case of my friend and her $70 there is a kind of happy ending – her account had been restored, at first without any money in it but today they gave her back her $70; no explanation was ever offered as to why exactly it had been deemed necessary to suspend her adSense account. They said violations they never specified the kind of violations.