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Vista sucks

November 12, 2010 Leave a comment

It has to be said, however, that this probably applies not just to Vista but to software in general.

Vista got a lot of bad rap after it came out; it was slow, it used up all the hardware resources, every time you wanted to do something meaningful it would stop and pester you with questions about whether you were sure and so on and so forth.

But it just so happened that several years after its release I ended up with a laptop with Vista installed on it on my hands. Some people hate it so much that in this sort of situation they would probably just wipe the hard drive and install something more decent (XP anyone?), but not me, I thought what the heck, it’s the same as Win 7 under the hood, it’s just that the interface is a bit uglier and slower.

Yesterday, however, it really put my patience to the test. The day before it downloaded some updates, the problem is that contrary to my expectations after the updates were installed the system was actually made worse rather than improved, at least that was my impression. The adobe flash plug-in just stopped working, I’d open a youtube page and the browser would crash, and I tried it in several browsers, then even the very simply tasks like opening Computer now seem to take forever, you open it and it starts searching for stuff instead of just showing you what’s in there.

I finally got youtube to work by removing some applications, but it still only works half the time and sometimes to get a clip to play I have to reload the page several times.

Well the verdict – despite my hopes that perhaps even Vista would behave if treated properly – it just sucks, no matter what you do with it.

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