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Google takes Spotlight online

Spotlight is a feature I first saw in MacOS X, a couple of years ago, a Mac fanboy friend of mine, showed it off to me on his macbook and his father’s iMac. At the time I found it to be the most impressive feature in MacOS. Back then when you wanted to do a search in WinXP you had to bring up a special ‘search window’, type in the name of the item you wanted to find, specify whether it was file or a picture or a video you wanted to search for and then you hit ‘search’ and sat there waiting until the search result list got populated.

By contrast Spotlight made the whole search process appear easy and incredibly responsive;  results would start to appear while you were still typing and they changed ‘on the fly’ as you backspaced and retyped. Later on MS copied this feature in Vista and later it became the default search in Win7. Now finally Google has brought it to online search. You have to be logged in to your google account to use it though, and you have to be on the google website, but if both these conditions are met the search results appear as you type in your query, just like in Spotlight, kudos to Google.

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