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Heads start rolling at Apple

August 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Apple has booted the exec who was in charge of the development of the iPhone 4

In a way it’s a good thing they kicked out the exec who ran things rather than the engineers who, quite possibly, were coerced into settling on an obviously flawed design. And somebody had to be sacrificed after all the iPhone 4 antenna scandal, while it didn’t much affect sales, was still quite a major PR debacle for Apple, by far the worst since Steve Jobs took over as CEO, so heads had to roll it was only a question of who was going to get it.

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Apple blows PR on iPhone 4

August 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Over the past few weeks I’ve been watching with mild interest the way Apple’s been handling the antenna reception issues in the latest incarnation of their iconic iPhone. And to tell you the truth I was rather puzzled.

First of all why on earth did they release a phone that totally drops signal  when you hold it the way a phone is supposed to be held in the left hand? I mean didn’t they test it? It does shed some light, though, on why Steve Jobs couldn’t get WiFi access during the iPhone 4 presentation.  They’re a multi-billion dollar company, don’t they have some sort of QA?

Second, I was really amazed by the childish manner in which they handled the issue when the shit hit the fan. Basically they went from denial to a kindergarten style finger pointing, basically saying, ‘look at those other smart phones, they have issues with poor signal too’. Especially endearing was the way Steve Jobs presented the whole issue in the end, talking about how Apple engineers spent 22 days thoroughly researching the problem and what did they find? Well they found that smart phones made by other manufacturers experienced reduced signal strength when held in a certain way as well. And as for the iPhone 4, well, now you can get those ‘cool’ plastic cases for free, or get a refund if you’ve already bought one.

What is totally beyond me is why people still keep buying Apple products, they’re overpriced, their feature set is deliberately kept to a bare minimum, and now they also have engineering faults on top of everything else. About the only good thing about them is sleek design.

But well, perhaps Apple is not so much a technology company as the first ever technology religion where people simply worship the leader and whatever devices are turned out by this new cult.  Again, it’s just a look from the outside, but there is this aura surrounding Apple that makes it appear totally beyond rationality.

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