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Why people buy Apple products and why they don’t

It occurred to me while I was watching some of Steve Jobs’ old and most famous keynote addresses on you Tube (the famous introduction of the Apple Macintosh, the introduction of the iPod and iMac) that people buy Apple products not so much because said products are really that unique and innovative (some of them are like the original Apple Macintosh and the original iPhone) but rather because of how Steve Jobs sells them.  At his best (it doesn’t happen every time it has to be said, Apple has had its share of flops even under Steve Jobs), when Apple releases a new product, Steve Jobs just goes out there, flaunts it before a rapt audience and creates a ‘cult following’. When the stars are arranged the right way this cult following can end up being really huge, as was the case with the runaway success of the iPod. It has to be said though, that while the iPod was not unique or revolutionary it was still a very useful product. At the time it came out a number of other companies (Archos, iRiver) were already making HDD jukeboxes whose specs were superior to those of the new gadget from Apple. But the problem with those technologically superior devices was that for some reason the companies making them limited themselves to targeting the ‘geek market’ and they forever stayed in that niche. Then Steve Jobs came along with his iPod and took digital music to the masses, simply by showing off Apple’s new cool gadget and explaining to the masses that the real in-vogue thing now was the iPod, over a thousand songs in your pocket. The guy wasn’t talking gigabytes, he was speaking the language that everyone could understand, 1000 songs in ‘very good’ MP3 quality (in fact 160 kbps is rather average quality) in your pocket and ten hours of playback.  In a way it was a classic case of hidden demand that just had to be uncovered or that the customers simply had to be told about.

The history of Apple’s flops though teaches us another lesson; no matter how good you may be at sales, total lemons will always be flops. What was the name of that box like apple computer with extremely limited specs that Apple wanted to sell as a low end option for budget conscious consumers? The point is it flopped for the simple reason that at the time the same amount of money could buy you a PC that in terms of raw power (if not sex appeal) could give the iMac a good run for its money and people generally are not imbeciles.  And even if the ‘technology god’ himself wants them to suffer if they’re unwilling to pay more than 500 bucks for his products, they won’t do that if there are other options available.

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