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There’s people returning their iPads

An interesting page with feedback by people who’ve been returning their iPads


From reading the comments on that page several things become apparent:

1) We, human beings, are still very much susceptible to hype. As has been the case with all Apple products recently, the launch of the iPad was preceded and surrounded by huge amounts of hype and large numbers of people fell for it. Steve Jobs said Flash was bad and that Apple was re-focusing on the ‘new web standards’ such as HTML 5 (which hasn’t been finalised yet) and java script (which, strictly speaking, is not a standard at all) and people fell for it, only to shocked, once they got their hands on their new toy from apple, by how much of the web is actually driven by flash. One commenter on the page linked above says 3/4, another one bitterly complains that the iPad only provides access to at best half of the web and it’s the boring half you can access with the iPad.

2) The iPad was essentially conceived as a device for pumping money out of ‘dumb’ users. Comments by one avid e-book reader are especially telling, the guy thought he’d be able to use the iPad to read free pdf books he got off the internet or e-books his friend has on his sony e-book reader. Naturally no such luck, the whole purpose of the iPad is to get you to buy stuff from Apple, you want to read a book you’ve got to pay for it and someone else comments on how totally overpriced e-books are in the Apple e-book store. So our e-book reader is returning his iPad, as it’s no use for him.  Wake up and smell the shit.

Well, what can I say, Apple is just one company and if they want me to choose between them and the rest of the world, I’d rather choose the rest of the world, because it’s bigger, there’s more stuff out there and more of it is free, so what’s the point of locking myself into Apple and paying exorbitant prices for stuff I can get at a fraction of the price they’re charging me or even totally for free elsewhere? I’m not a charity am I?

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