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iPhone finally measures up

Apple has released a new revision of the iPhone, the iPhone 4, at long last we’re seeing features that, imho, were supposed to have been included in the first iPhone, a decent camera for taking pictures and video, another one on the front for video chat, a scratch resistant surface, a multi-tasking OS, a decent display etc.

The only question that remains is why didn’t Apple introduce all these features in the first iPhone, I mean it’s not like any of them are a tremendous technological leap forward. Especially when it comes to good cams and multitasking, at the time the first iPhone came out all the other smart phone OS supported multi-tasking, and 90% of the smart phones on the market had better cameras and could take video.

And now, in his worst traditions, Mr. Jobs is touting his new device as something unique and new, never seen before.

Well better late than never, finally Apple-heads are going to enjoy the features that users of other smart phones have taken for granted for years.

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