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Defying Science

I started watching the Defying Gravity TV drama a few days ago. I didn’t know it had already been cancelled at the time, still the point is that originally the premise seemed rather intriguing and on the whole I can’t say it’s the worst show I’ve ever seen, but I do have one issue with it.

By the look of it, Defying Gravity had a pretty handsome budget, they built all those decorations for the interior of their spaceship, then there were all those undoubtedly computer aided animations but it appears that the producers did not bring a single science consultant on  board. For one there’s the real time communications systems that the control centre uses to communicate with the spacecraft and by real time I mean there are no delays, the people in the control centre on earth talk to the people on board the spacecraft millions of kilometres away as if they were in the next room. My question is didn’t the authors of the show go to school, don’t they know that light takes 8 minutes to get from the Sun to Earth and that the speed of light is finite so if the Antares (the spaceship) is closing in on Venus, then the closest it can be to earth is 38 million kilometres, light travels at 300,000 kilometres per second in vacuum, radio waves travel at the speed of light so if I say something into a radio on the Antares it will be two minutes before the signal is received on Earth. In Defying Gravity there is no such problem, one only has to wonder what technology their comm system is based on, because they provide no explanation for it.

Yesterday I got to the episode where the astronauts discover Beta on their ship, and there they are standing in front of this weird thing, looking at it and then one of them says, ‘It’s organic but the materials it’s made up of is unknown to human science’ Now, if something’s made up of materials unknown to human science it simply can’t be organic by definition because organic chemistry studies carbon compounds and carbon is known to our science.

And it goes on like that. I’m not expert on nano-technology, I bet there’s plenty of goofs in that department as well.

There used to be a genre called Science Fiction, the authors of Defying Science seem to have created a new genre; Science Defying Fiction.

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