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Who’s next? Java?

Just little point worth considering: in his Attack on Adobe Steve Jobs talks about how it’s somehow inherently bad to have an extra software layer between what the user sees and the OS/hardware.

Ironically since the time Java was rolled out by Sun, most of the IT world has in one way or another been moving in the opposite direction, cross-platform’s been the ultimate buzz word and after all HTML5, java script and CSS, all those kosher technologies that Apple claims to embrace, don’t they all need an extra layer in the form of a browser to run properly on the user’s machine? So what’s so bad with flash, some might argue that it’s an extra layer on top of another extra layer but the thing is when you install the flash player it’s pretty much like a Java VM, you can play flash files without a browser so I don’t see how something can be so inherently wrong about that.

Imho Apple is once again making the same mistake that have kept them from becoming the next industry standard in the past. They won’t allow people to come into their sandbox with their own toys, instead they insist if you want to play with them you have to buy their toys from them and that sounds pretty much like coercion to me. While the Iphone et al may have been a great device when it came out, the industry has pretty much caught up with it, and today there’s lots of touch screen smart phones available on the market that offer the same or better functionality than the iPhone. Well, alas, Apple will probably continue to live in its ivory tower with a handful of dedicated converts.

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