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my father thought he saw me today

I got a weird call from my mom today, she wanted to know if I was doing OK. When I asked why, she said my dad thought he saw me on Victory Square at 6 a.m. today. I couldn’t help laughing I only woke up at 10 today so I couldn’t have possibly been seen on V square at 6 and the second reason why it was kind of funny is because in perhaps ten years I haven’t had a job where I had to be early than 9 am while my father has been working jobs in which he’s had to come in at various ungodly hours such as 7 am.

Sad really, the way my parents have gotten so old. Also the way they were fixing to get their old apartment redone for over twenty years until eventually some real estate agents showed up at our doorstep and said they had a buyer for our apartment who wanted to make it into a store and so didn’t care what condition it was in. The first buyer eventually didn’t buy it, was never able to scrap up enough cash, but the real estate guys turned out to be quite persistent, the whole thing with them finding us some entrepreneur to buy us a new apartment and take our old one for its good location, it went on for almost two years, but eventually they delivered on what they promised. Things just fell into place in mid 2008,  these Muslim dudes with weird names and Russian aliases said they wanted to make our little apartment into a butcher’s shop and the real estate guys found a better place for us on the same street but in a newer block and the apartment itself was bigger. They even arranged for some basic repairs to be done there before we moved in.

Well, by and large it was a nice deal for my parents, they never had to do any redecoration in the old apartment they just left it as it was in shambles and moved into a new one.  Pity I didn’t get to live there with them for long.

It was also funny how when the whole thing was going down and I already knew we were moving out, I’d be walking home to the old apartment and I would imagine that we’d already moved to the new one and that I was just going back to the old place on instinct and I would try to feel nostalgic about it. In reality after we’d moved, my instinct never led me to the old apartment and I didn’t really feel that much nostalgia either. In fact the few times I walked past our old block I couldn’t help wondering how we’d been able to live all those years so close to the road. The window of my old room looks out directly onto a  busy road.

Initially it wasn’t so bad, it used to be we only had a handful of cars in our city but recently it’s gotten totally out of hand. I remember I began to really notice this change for the worse a few years ago when I would be awakened at 8 or at 9 by the sound of motor vehicles of all sorts driving right past my window. I then had a plastic window installed in the hope it would reduce the noise level, it did but hardly to the extent I’d been hoping for. I could still hear them and it was especially bad when heavy duty trucks rumbled past, I could really feel the vibration lying on my couch. I knew I had to get out I was just to lazy to do anything about it.

It’s pretty much the same thing with this country. Things have been getting worse all the time and I know I have to get out but I’m paralyzed by my own laziness.  Man, I really have to get a move on before it’s too late.

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