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Printer Hell

Old HP printers (notably HP Laser Jet 1320) go comatose under MS redirect drivers when they’re sent print jobs from the RDS client running on the computer they’re connected to.  It has to be said that the idea itself, to make it so that local printers become automatically available in an RDS session, is quite noble and MS should be given some kudos for it, it’s just that the actual implementation sort of leaves a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to older printers, office workhorses like HP Laser Jet 1320.  The redirect driver MS provides works with it, technically but print jobs take forever to executive and what’s really interesting is that the amount of time a print job takes depends on the kind of document you’re trying to print out. It looks like it doesn’t like big tables, these can take up to 15 seconds to print it’s ok if you only have to print one occasionally, but if you’ve got about 50 documents with tables to print every day, that can be a problem, especially if each one takes 15 seconds to print even though you sent them all to the printer as one print job.

Well, my earnest hope is that there’s already as solution to this problem out there and that I simply hasn’t been able to find it yet. It goes without saying that as soon as I do, I will post info about it here. Hopefully it will be soon.

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