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Accidental genious

Some time ago I bought a book called Accidental Genius from Amazon. When it came in the post I found it was a rather thin volume, no more than fifty pages in paperback and the basic idea of the book was that you have to write things down if you want to be successful in life.  The assumption is that as we go through our daily lives all sorts of things pop into our heads some of which can actually be master plans for possible golden mines. Therefore you’re advised to carry a notebook with you at all times and whenever an idea forms in your head you’re supposed to write it down immediately in your notebook. Don’t care about grammar, punctuation or structure, advises Accidental Genius, just write it down. In my case it’s rather problematic, I can write things down ok but my handwriting is so dreadful that half the time I can’t read what I wrote in my own hand. So carrying a notebook probably wont’ cut it for me. In our digital age, though, it seems like having a blog and posting in it regularly may present a viable alternative to carrying a notebook. Sure it’s not as immediate, and probably I will get a notebook after all, on second thought that can’t hurt, even if I’m only able to read half of the ideas I write down later on.

Well, we shall see where this rabbit hole takes us.

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